Chin Augmentation / Implants in Dubai, UAE

Enhance your Face Structure with Chin Augmentation

Not satisfied with your facial structure and appearance, especially dissatisfied with the look of your chin, then plan to visit Dubai Rhinoplasty clinic and avail vital suggestions on chin augmentation that can help you enhance your look. This leading plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic of Dubai is helping people to correct facial features with some highly popular and reliable cosmetic surgeries procedures. Chin augmentation, a part of cosmetic surgery, is performed to improve the facial balance and correct a weak or receding chin. The problem of weak or receding chin may occur due to age-related bone loss, congenital deficiency or due to facial trauma and it also affects nose making them look large or neck that appear fatty. In all such conditions, chin augmentation turn out to be most viable solution.

A Good Candidate for the Augmentation

If you have decided to go for chin augmentation, then it is vital for you to be in good health and you should not be an active or even a passive smoker. It is a significant criterion because smoking is known to affect the healing ability and may even increase the damage. However, it is always recommended to consult a cosmetic surgeon to know whether you require chin augmentation or not. Some of the conditions in which chin augmentation is recommended by our cosmetic surgeon include:

  • Weak or receding chin
  • If chin is affecting the lines or curves of your face
  • If you have troubling teeth and jaw
  • If you have small chin with inadequate projection

Fix an appointment with our renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai

Finally decided that chin augmentation is the most viable option for your facial deformity and you have planned to go for it. Then first thing you should do is to fix an appointment with our experienced and renowned cosmetic surgeon at Dubai Rhinoplasty. Our surgeon will listen to your requirement and expectation from the chin augmentation procedure and then conduct a thorough physical examination along with an X-ray of your face and chin to find the best augmentation procedure that will be ideal for you. With the help of X-ray report and physical examination the surgeon will try to understand the cause behind the problem and based upon these, the surgeon will recommend the best option.

Procedures for Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is either a surgical procedure carried out to reshape the chin or is carried out by enhancing it with an implant or by reduction surgery on the bone. The most preferred procedure of chin augmentation is carried out with an implant that provides better projection and shape to the chin. However, this procedure is recommended to people who have normal functioning teeth and jaw development. The chin implant surgery in some cases is performed under local anesthetic combined with a sedative but this surgery is commonly performed under a general anesthetic. The surgery for implanting chin is either carried out from under the chin or through an incision on the inside of the mouth. The surgeon will select the chin implant of ideal size and shape and insert it into a packet over the front of the jawbone. Small incision is made to create the pocket and the implant is placed from the mouth or in the skin just under the chin. Chin implant procedure is regarded as the most safe, reliable and long lasting chin augmentation process.

Post-operative Care

After the chin augmentation surgery, you might experience some discomfort, swelling and stretching on the chin. However, you will be prescribed with pain relieving medicines and antibiotics that will ease your discomfort and prevent infection. You will be required to take rest for 8-10 days after which you can return to normal work. Risks and complications after the surgery is quite rare, however in some cases you might experience shifting of the implant, scarring of the chin or numbness on the chin, all these problems if immediately reported to the surgeon can be handled efficiently. The final results after the surgery will become visible after three to four months.