Lip Augmentation: A Non-Surgical Way of Enhancing Beauty of the Lips


Many women are born with beautiful and luscious lips. Indubitably, voluminous lips add enormous beauty to an ordinary look. However, no need to get disappoint if you are not amongst the lucky lot. You can also get plumper and fuller lips by opting for beauty enhancement procedure known as lip augmentation. Several surgical centers in Dubai like are known for conducting the cosmetic surgery at affordable rates for worldwide patients.

Done surgically as well as non-surgically, of late, surgeons use injectable dermal fillers as the most common way of lip augmentation. Using injectable fillers comes under non-surgical treatment whereas in surgical process implants are used to give attractive look to lips. It goes without saying that surgical method is dearer than non-surgical measures and demands more precautions.

Talking about injectable fillers, these fillers are injected in the lips around the mouth and aim at improving the appearance of the lips by adding volume and shape to it. Although, different types of fillers are used, hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used. It is a natural substance found inside the human body and aims at adding volume to the lips. Few times back, collagen was most commonly used dermal filler. However, new options like hyaluronic acid, etc., are considered as safer and have shown better results.

Advantages of Non-surgical ways over surgical Lip Augmentation

  • Patients will experience immediate changes after the procedure
  • It is an outpatient procedure; therefore treatment gets completed in an hour’s time and patients are discharge at the same day.
  • Patients with injectable fillers experience less swelling and bruising. Even they are advised to resume their day-to-day activities at the very next day.

In order to get desired results, it is prudent to take consultation and treatment from reputed and experienced cosmetic surgeon who holds hands-on experience in lip augmentation surgeries. offers world-class treatment to national as well as international patients at the best market rates. Patients will get following benefits by visiting the center:

  • Best healthcare facility is available at the surgical center
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure facilities
  • Usage of modern tools and equipment
  • Treatment by experienced and board certified surgeons
  • Honest consultation encompassing standard procedure, risks, expected results and cost involved


So, if you are not happy with your lips, think about the surgery!

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